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Merchant Cash Advance Solution

We provide business owners with an innovative unsecured financing solution based off of your future credit card receivables. Our merchant cash advance program converts your future Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX receivables into immediate capital. Repayments are based on a fixed percentage of your future credit card receivables. Payments are automatically applied to your remaining balance until the balance is satisfied.

Repayments are linked to your credit card receivables, so we only get paid when you make a sale, thus helping you manage the cash flow of your business, especially during slower months.

Advantages of Our Business Cash Advance Program
  • We get paid only when you make a sale!
  • No fixed monthly payments.
  • No points or upfront fees.
  • No collateral assets required.
  • No security interest taken in homes, businesses, equipment, or inventory.
  • No business use restrictions on the funding.
  • No UCC-1 filed at time of funding.

Reasons Business Seek a Cash Advance
  • Growing their business, purchasing new equipment, and restocking inventory.
  • Paying off existing debt and improving their credit.
  • Cushioning against seasonal or slow periods.
  • Expand or renovate an existing location or purchase additional locations.
  • Enhance marketing to acquire new customers.

Benefits Of Using  Advance Merchant
  • A streamlined application process with minimal paperwork.
  • Fair and affordable repayment terms and fees.
  • Assessment of factors such as historical cash flow to business performance to support approval for a loan.
  • Higher approval rates than bank loans.
  • Easy renewal terms.
  • Improved pricing.
  • Immediate funding.

More than $500 million in merchant loans provided to tens of thousands of small businesses nationwide. Over 85% of our eligible clients renew. This is due to the simplicity and speed of our process as well as the the outstanding customer service and support we provide during and after you access your funds.